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Barn Hunt is an exciting sport where dogs use their hunting instincts to search a course of straw bales and find rats that are enclosed in plastic tubes. For teams new to Barn Hunt, the course begins with foundation skills including introduction to the rat, tube discrimination & building an indication. Teams will learn climbing & tunneling skills on the course & have opportunities to practice instinct tests & novice runs. BHA rules & strategies for successful runs will be reviewed. Become familiar with the BH Assoc. Rulebook at The rats are acclimated to the process & not harmed in anyway. If we have more advanced teams sign up, we will adjust the class accordingly.

Barn Hunt is finished for 2017. Watch for new class dates in early 2018. They will be posted on the Classes pages under Barn Hunt.

There are currently no conformation events scheduled.
10/21/17 Full Day C-Wag Trial
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** Obedience and Rally Trials **
November 24, 25 ,26 2017
2 Rally Trials on 11/24
Judge: Joni Monnich
2 Obedience Trials on 11/25
1 Obedience Trial on 11/26
Judges: Ginger Kinion and James Connunale
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Obed-Rally 11-17

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