Agility Instructor

Missy has been training dogs in agility for thirteen years and started her teaching career by assisting in the SCKC agility classes. She has been an instructor at Stone City for the past five years. Her students excel in agility trials at all levels. Missy and her students are knowledgeable of the AKC agility rules and are well prepared for competition. Missy has had experience with many different breeds of dogs in her classes and increases her knowledge of agility techniques by attending many seminar type classes on agility. She has been a coordinator for the volunteers for the SCKC agility trials for the past six years. Missy has earned two Novice Fast titles on her dogs; qualified in Open Fast; qualified in Novice Jumpers and Standard. She has also handled other dogs in Novice Fast, Jumpers and Standard, and earned qualifying title runs in Excellent Standard.

Agility & Nose Work Instructor

Rochelle started out as a conformation exhibitor showing and breeding Standard Schnauzers.  She showed seven Standard Schnauzers to their Championships, which included multiple group placements and many specialty wins.  Two of her Standard Schnauzers ranked in the National Top 10 for that breed.  She soon realized that her dogs possessed brains along with their beauty, so she ventured into the obedience ring.

Rochelle instructed SCKC’s Puppy, Beginner, and Intermediate Obedience Classes for 12 years.When Agility evolved at SCKC, Rochelle retired from her obedience roll & became SCKC’s agility instructor and Director of Agility.

Rochelle has put multiple obedience, rally and agility titles on her Golden Retrievers and her current Standard Poodle, UKC-CD Tender Touch Heaven Sent Chloe, NAP, NJP, OAP, OJP, CP1, RN, CGC, and TDI.

Rochelle currently instructs the advanced agility and nose work classes at Stone City Kennel Club.

Nose Work

I have loving, bonded relationships with 5 resident dogs and enjoy teaching & watching my clients develop similar bonds with their dogs. Prior to taking a position at For Your K9 training, Melrose Park, as a full-time instructor/trainer; I trained as a handler of my dogs Eli and Cyrus, achieving NW3 x2 and NW2 titles respectively.  I train dogs who attend the FYC Academy in various sports, obedience, manners and social skills. Each academy dog has an individualized training program focusing on their needs and goals.  I began my journey as a K9 Nose Work instructor  a year ago through the NACSW certification program and began instructing in 2014.  I added the sport of Barn Hunt to my instructor resume in 2014.

I take great pride in watching my clients achieve their goals in bonding with their dogs through the practice and trialing in Nose Work and Barn Hunt.  I strive to facilitate team relationships in competition, as well as personal relationships between human and canine in everyday life.  I do not believe there is a place in training for intimidation or adverse corrections to impart good behavior or learning on the part of the dog. It only erodes the trust that we should be building and the bond necessary to compete.

Conformation & Rally Instructor

Joni earned her first obedience title over 45 years ago on a Golden, she went on to earn obedience titles on Miniature and Giant Schnauzers and a Wheaton. She has been breeding and showing Chinese Shar-Pei for the past 25 + years. Typically her Shar-Pei earn their championship and then go on to have fun in other areas such as obedience, rally, therapy dog, herding, and even tracking. Currently she is training in Barnhunt. Joni is an AKC certified CGC Evaluator. She has earned numerous obedience and rally titles. She has the honor of having the only Shar-Pei to earn a High in Trial at an all breed trial as well as numerous HIT at National Specialities. Last year she finally found a technique that worked to convince her Shar-Pei to retrieve a dumbbell so she could fulfill a dream of earning a CDX. Just when she was about to get her final leg, her boy died suddenly. She almost gave up but was encouraged to try again, so she worked with her boy’s daughter earning her CDX in 6 months from the time she started training until she got her final leg. Currently she is working on fulfilling the requirements to become an AKC Rally judge. She has been teaching competition Rally for over 10 years. The class will focus on training techniques and tips as well a complete understanding of the signs and how to do each exercise. The class is open to all levels of both dog and handler.

Conformation Instructor

I, Carol Steiner, am an AKC Breed Judge for Collies and Shelties and have been showing these two breeds exclusively owner handled for over thirty years.  I often look back and reflect on the road I traveled to get here. When I look back I remember being a young girl of twelve and starting my own after school dog walking business. I realized loving dogs, showing patience and understanding for them, molded me into the person I am today.  Little did I know that one day I would own and operate a dog training business called Honeyblossom Farm Dog Training.  For twenty-eight years, I taught Puppy Preschool through Advanced Intermediate class.  Many of my students, using my method of training, earned titles and some even went on to become AKC Judges themselves. My future brought “Summer”, a lovely Collie, and as a team we earned obedience titles.  Soon I became a Breeder/Owner/Handler of Rough Coat Collies.  The icing on the cake continued with home bred champions achieving Best of Breed, Group Placements, and the AKC Bred By Medallion award. After owning both Collies and Shelties, I looked towards a new adventure and became an AKC Conformation Judge for my two breeds.  I feel it is an honor to be requested by a club to judge their show.  Also, a lot of fun! From the past to the present time, I continue the love of showing my Collies and Shelties in obedience and conformation.  In fact, on May 9 & 10, 2015, my Collie “Patrick” earned back to back High In Trials at the Indiana Collie Specialty Show. I am thankful everyday to have my companions’ love shared with me.

Obedience Instructor

Lynn brings her extensive experience and knowledge to her classes where her students benefit from her expertise and guidance.  She encourages novice students to set and attain their goals and mentors experienced exhibitors who are honing their competitive skills. As of November 26, 2016, Lynn earned 560 High In Trial’s, over 640 High Combined Awards, 22 perfect “200” Scores and 20,885 OTCH points and still counting.


Lynn won the First American Kennel Club National Obedience Championship in 1995 with OTCH Meadowpond’s High on Chemo UDX, who is the 2nd highest rated Golden Retriever in obedience history. Lynn won the National Obedience Championship again in 1999 and 2000 with OTCH Sunfire’s Toast of the Town UDX, the highest rated Golden Retriever in obedience history to date.


Lynn started training in 1968 with a Wire Fox Terrier that earned an unprecedented UD.  Her next two dogs were German Shepherds which earned a CDX and a UD.  Lynn has earned seven OTCH Titles, one on a Shetland Sheepdog, and the other six OTCH’s were on Golden Retrievers, Coaster, Chemo, Toasty, Scanner, Bouncer and Tapper.  In 2001 Toasty won the Obedience Dog of the Year Award being the top Obedience Dog in the county.  Chemo still holds the record for being the youngest Golden Retriever to obtain an OTCH, he was 23 ½ months old.


Tapper is the 2016 Obedience “Dog Of The Year”

Obedience Instructor

Fred Buroff has been training and showing dogs since 1979.  He has put obedience titles on two Doberman Pinschers, one Golden Retriever, one Italian Greyhound, three Border Collies and one German Shepherd.

Fred has been an approved AKC Obedience judge since 1988 and has been approved to judge Rally since its AKC approval in January, 2005.  Fred had the honor of being invited to judge at the 2013 AKC National Obedience Championship.

Certified Fun Scent Games Instructor

Hello – my name is Patricia Calderone, (CPDT-KA, DN-FSG1) and growing up I was always around animals…and I love them! From cats, dogs, guinea pigs, fish, etc.., it has always been a passion of mine to work with animals.  Throughout the years, I have absorbed as much information as I could get a hold of about all animals, but within the last 20 years, I have strived to learn the most about dogs and dog behavior thanks to my first official dog, a big lovable Doberman named Riggz. I fell in love with the breed from the stories I heard from my grandmother on how my great-grandfather had a big red male Doberman. I trained Riggz through AKC competition obedience and he earned his CD (AKC Companion Dog) title, CGC (Canine Good Citizen) and TDI (Therapy Dog) title. Riggz’s pedigree came out of Tops Kennels a DuPage County K-9 training unit.

One day Riggz didn’t want to come to me, when called.
I remember being very upset and worried that I had ruined my relationship with my dog, and I knew something had to change. You can imagine how happy I was when a friend at one of my training sessions handed me a clicker and showed me a different way to train. From that day forward I knew this was how I wanted to communicate with my dog. Since learning the clicker method, I never looked back. Teeya (my second Doberman) was my first purely trained clicker dog; she taught me so much more about training! I trained Teeya through obedience, agility and tracking and she earned her CGC, TDI, and NJC (Nadac Agility) titles.

Teeya loved to train and do tricks, but sadly in 2006 she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism which has slowed her down; and she sadly passed away in May 2009. Nevertheless, she has been instrumental in my learning how to train and working with dogs.

I continued to hone my training skills when in 2006, I began working at Petco in Wheaton, IL, where I taught puppy and beginner classes. In 2009, I began volunteered at PAWS Animal Shelter, Tinley Park, IL. Also in 2009, I became a business owner of Clicker Canines. At the shelter, I helped with training and temperament testing dogs for adoption. I am a graduate from Raising Canine’s Professional Dog Training Course in 2013.  It is the most respected remote science-based training education service in the dog training industry, which is founded by Susan Smith,CPD,T-KA, CDBC.  In 2016, I become a Certified Fun Scent Games Instructor. I am the creator of the Space Program, it is a program used to help bring about a smooth transition for rescue dogs.  Also in 2016, I hold a certificate of excellence from Living & Learning with Animals, The Science & Technology of Behavior Change – Dr. Susan Friedman.
In September 2011, I became a Certified Professional Dog Trainer from the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.  I had to pass a 4 hour exam on learning theory, ethology, animal husbandry, instruction skills, equipment business practices and ethics.  In order to take the exam you had to have 300 hours in dog training within the last

five (5) years and references from a client, colleague, and a veterinarian.

I am a big-time advocate and devoted trainer for humane, science-based dog training.  I have trained numerous dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds with many different training needs.

Over the years, I have attended seminars, workshops and telecourses on training and behavior with leading professionals like Dr. Susan Freidman, Suzanne Clothier, Diane Garrod, Debbie Jacobs, Ian Dunbar, Gail Fisher, Karen Pryor, Patricia McConnell, Ken Rameriz, Kathy Sado, Trish King, Susan Smith, Clicken Camps, Clicker Expos, IAABC conference and many more.

2016 – Certificate of Excellence: Living & Learning with Animals, The Science & Technology of Behavior Change – Dr. Susan Friedman

2016 – Creator of SPACE program

SPACE is a process designed to bring about a smooth transition for your newly adopted dog. It provides the confidence and bond necessary to develop a relationship with your new family. It is designed to be an easy to follow plan that will give you direction on exactly what the expectations are during the first seven days of acclimating.


2015 – Present – Peace for Pits, Inc.  

Partner trainer – working with fosters, foster to adopt homes, and assisting in adoptions. Behavior modification training, in-home training and phone consults.


2015 – Present – Chicagoland English Bulldog rescue

Partner trainer –behavior modification courses.

2009 – Present – Owner, Clicker Canines

In-Home Training, Group Classes and Behavior Consulting serving the South/Southwest suburbs of Chicago.

2009 – 2010 – Volunteer PAWS Animal Shelter, Tinley Park, IL

I implemented a shelter dog training program and gave workshops to the volunteers in the program. I also helped with assessing and evaluating dogs for adoption. I also educated the board members on how to assess dog bites.

2006 – Petco Dog Trainer, Wheaton, IL

I offered beginner and intermediate dog training classes.


  • Certified Fun Scent Games Instructor – DN-FSG1, 2016
  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer through Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, 2011 (certified through first national exam held for dog trainers)
  • Certificate:Chicken Camp 101 and 102 with Terry Ryan
  • Graduate from Raising Canine Professional Dog Trainer Course, 2013, Susan Smith, CDBC
  • Certificate of Understanding Canine Behavior 10-week course, 2009, Barbara Handelman, CDBC
  • Be a Tree Presenter through Doggone Safe, 2013
  • Moderator of the Northern Dog Trainers Facebook group


Professional Affiliations:

  • Doggone Safe Member
  • Truly Dog Friendly Member
  • No Shock Collar Coalition Member
  • Professional Member of the Association of Force Free Pet Professionals – PPG
Obedience Instructor

I am Sandy Heimberg, and I realized at a very early age, “love walks on four paws.”  I have owned several dogs, several different breeds and have spent nearly 20 years working with my furry friends to ensure they live happy, healthy, obedient lives.

During this time,  I focused myself on understanding dog behavior, behavior modification, teaching new behaviors and tricks.  Over the years I have attended many seminars on competitive obedience, grooming, breeding and canine exercise.  I am a member of the Golden Retriever Club of America the Golden Retriever Club of Illinois and the Great Dane Club of America.

With this knowledge, and hands on experience with my own dogs, for fun and achievement, I actively perform with all of my dogs in Competitive Obedience and Agility in both American Kennel Club and United Kennel Club venues.

For my clients, I created my own Dog Obedience Training Program and the Golden Paw Publications.  This information is available for my Group Class and Private Instruction Students.  To my clients, I pledge to offer experience, training, guidance, assistance and Pawsitive Changes.

Barn Hunt Instructor

Catherine Byrne has been volunteering and competing in Barn Hunt Association trials since the sport was introduced in 2013. Her Jack Russell terrier, Bebe, needs just one qualifying master run to earn her RAT Champion (RATCH) title. Catherine has completed many of the requirements for becoming a Barn Hunt judge, including designing the courses and judging a fun test. At terrier trials, Bebe has earned go-to-ground championships and other awards in brush hunt, agility and rally obedience classes. The team also is competing at the Elite level in NACSW K9 Nosework. This nose work experience and a dedication to positive reinforcement training are resources for successful barn hunt training. Motivating the dog, having a search plan, knowing how scent moves and being able to identify the changes in behavior dogs exhibit when they are on the rat tube are important elements of the game.